Look Ma, No Hands

The most obvious obstacles to a healthy sexual life for PwDs are the physical challenges. Issues of motor skills, mobility, chronic pain, and other considerations require additional…

A ‘euphemism’ is a word or phrase intended to make something uncomfortable sound more palatable.

Some may argue that ‘political correctness’ (PC) is a euphemism for ‘euphemisms’. That PC culture also tries to make unsavoury things more palatable. The distinction is that the function of a euphemism is to make the speaker feel more comfortable; political correctness is to make the subject being spoken about feel respected.

Calling Hindu-supremacy an ‘Indic Lens’ is euphemism.
Saying ‘sex-worker’…

An Incredible Parent, Disability Activist

There is no doubt of Tiwari’s love for his son. He is the only parent to opt to adopt a special need’s child, for whom he had to fight for months. Today, they travel the country spreading awareness on disabilities, holding workshops and talks for all audiences.

What’s the big deal?

Art is everywhere & it is political. For centuries, aggressors have been using art to propagate hate & hierarchy, while the aggrieved have been using it as a means of protest.

Anti-suffragette posters were rife throughout Britain, often depicting them as ugly, unloved, neglectful mothers. (Source)

Fun fact: Governments funded research in the early 1900s to suggest that…

Gunahgaar Aurat

A. Ashni; Research, policy, social welfare. I write words good.

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